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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Unique networking group for prospective business buyers/sellers

Like to say thanks to a guy down in the Akron area who has created a unique, warm and welcoming business networking group. Ken Thompson is the center of the group he calls the Pancake Pacers.

Ken masterminds a group of runners and/or folks in the area who are looking to buy a business. Each month he invites people to take a run on the trails in Peninsula and then meet for breakfast at Bob's Big Boy in Stow. Running is optional, so if you're interested in finding a business--or just meeting some fellow business travelers, join the group for breakfast at 8:15 a.m. this December 18 (running starts at Peninsula trailhead at 7 am).

Ken sends a chatty email each month to remind everyone of the date and share news about everyone's progress in their search to buy or progress in their business after they buy. It's a personal and genuine group. Wish I could make it more often.


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Friday, November 16, 2007

Sad passing

Got this today from Dan Hanson, Inside Business writer and ace operator of Computers Assisting People. Prayers for Ed's family.
Assistant County Prosecutor Ed Corrigan was killed this morning in a car accident.

For those of you who didn't know, Ed was instrumental in the original incorporation and then the 501c3 status for Computers Assisting People (CAP) Inc.

He volunteered his time and expertise and was with CAP from the beginning. Though extremely busy as prosecutor in the major case group - prosecuting homicides and sexual assaults - he never turned down a request for help from CAP.

He served on the CAP Board of Directors from day one.

Ed was only 48 years old. Please keep Ed and his family in your thoughts and prayers. He will be missed greatly.

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