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Thursday, October 05, 2006

NODMA presents - why you want to get into mobile marketing

Do you look at websites on your telephone? Mighty tiny screen, isn't it? I get a headache when I try to look at stuff on the phone, but that's mainly because most of the companies either haven't created an optimized site version or they haven't figured out why they should.

NODMA, a not-fully-discovered treasure of a professional organization for direct marketers--by the way, that's not just letters and flyers in your mailbox, it also includes email and the web--is bringing in an expert to tell us why we should be putting our arms around mobile marketing.

Why? you may ask. No better reason: BECAUSE IT'S PROFITABLE. It's this coming Tuesday at noon at Windows on the River. Parking's 2 bucks. Lunch is good. Dan Flanegan of Soapbox Mobile is the guy who'll set us straight.

Be there--or fall behind.