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Thursday, April 19, 2007

How far is YOUR gate?

Distances passengers must walk to various gates at Cleveland-Hopkins can be outrageous. They can pose a serious obstacle to anyone with a handicap or even a slight injury.

On the other other hand, Cleveland has electronic carts. They're free to ride (you're welcome to tip the driver if you like), they run almost continuously most of the time, and the drivers have radios and may even help you if you're late by calling ahead for a driver on the next leg (yes, those legs can be killers in getting to some Hopkins gates). This is a service I haven't seen at many other airports, no matter what the distances to their gates. Whoever thought of this service and found a way to fund it deserves a hand.

And for those of us who tend to work up quite a sweat covering those distances at a fast clip, did you know that you don't have to be injured or disabled to ride? Even if you're just late, the kindly cart drivers will take you on.

Thanks, ladies and gentlemen. You've made my trek to the farthest gate at Terminal D much more pleasant on many occasions.