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Friday, September 14, 2007

Local software company goes international

Here comes another Cleveland entrepreneur, Dr. Steve Belovich, leading his latest venture IQWare to victory overseas landing a sweet deal with Australia's HealthPoint Techologies Ltd. His company is licensing its Medication Therapy Management software to them to let pharmacists log on to a system for tracking patient medications--to help prevent unwanted drug interactions, etc. The system will begin testing locally at two Cleveland Clinic pharmacies.

The secure advantage is that the IQWare system sends images of the data instead of the data itself, so hackers can't break in.

You go, Steve. For more, read the Crain's report in September 10-16 issue. And check out IQWare's cool, musical 2001:ASpaceOdyssey-like website at

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Monday, September 10, 2007

1st ever franchise blog launched targeting war veterans

Local expert Joel Libava, the self-styled Franchise King, has just introduced a blog targeted at a very specific audience--franchise information for war veterans. Given the number of young former soldiers returning from overseas these days, this is a timely offering.

These young men had discipline trained into them in their military experience--certainly all the discipline they'd need to be business owners. And we can only hope that they come home with sizable cash bonuses for their service to our country--enough that they can invest in one of Joel's excellent franchise opportunities.

Read more about the Franchise King on his blog.